Guest Review
  • A resort that has redefined the art of hospitality. What else can I say about Marmalade Springs? The service and care showcased by the staff at each interval makes your mind really open. The relaxation one gets by the treks & the fishing is none to compare with.

    I should thank you for creating the resort so close to nature that one really forgets his mortal existance.

  • This resort is a very lovely place. It has been a pleasure staying here. It has such lovely flowers that I just love. Everything was great. I hope my parents, my brother & me would come back soon. Thank you very much.
  • If it is one place which I choose to come back again for my holidays, Marmalade Springs will be my first choice. The place, hospitality, & the warmth of the staff is something which we would like to experience again. It is worth every we spent on our trip. In just 2 days we felt so close to the people here that we are going back with full of memories & a heavy heart.
  • Nice place, lovely accommodation, good attentive staff. Everything almost was picture perfect. Thank you & please maintain the place as it is. Will definitely come back.
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